Antonioni’s Villa at the Venice Biennale




As I just came back recently from spending a week in Venice (last week of Architecture Biennale 2014) I thought this may be a good time to start a blog and share some interesting visual information from recent events and architectural experiences with a wider public. Since there seem to be numerous things I would like to post the blog may expand its visual archival tags in time.

One of the pieces that drew my attention in Venice was ‘Antonioni’s Villa’ by Will McLean, about the architect Dante Bini who experimented with ultra-thin concrete domes that were created by using air-inflated formwork. The ‘binishell’ house was built in the 60s for Michelangelo Antonioni and Monica Vitti in Costa Paradiso, Sardinia.

Displayed on inflatable mattress like structure the printed image of Antonioni and Vitti is accompanied with printed drawings of the house. More details about the current state of the house could be found on Sardinian website:

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