jointArticulation (assemblage of pre-cut pieces) is not the only way to join things. Things could be knotted. Knots are not articulated as they do not connect and they do not have inside and outside. They operate through tension and friction, flows and growths, forces and materials and are generative of new forms. However in making a knot the elements have to be linear and flexible since the knot happens only in the middle leaving the ends to flow loose. The necessity of the knot is born out of the necessity of materials and where they want to go. In this context carpentry is not about articulation but about knotting as the form emerges from mutual shaping between materials that have their own materiality and vitality. Knotting and joining is both rigid and flexible like a weavers loom or a fishing rod. Making a joint does not come from the interior but from exterior of movement that develops materials to be joined in sympathy. In order for this to happen something has to give on the inside which is the memory. So in order to be able to make a new joint from the previous knot in which materials retain memory of such knotting something has to be forgotten. (The image and the notes are taken from Tim Ingold’s lecture at Brighton Architecture few days ago)

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