Mustang P-51D

This is one of my most favourite airplane fighters in IWM Duxford as it endured distance to get to and fight in Berlin (which was the combination of engine and additional fuel); as produced in California – its colours are humorous and personalised to the wife of the famous US pilot; it is highly optimistic it was the plane which helped defeat Germans in 1944 due to its engine and drop tanks and it is run by a classic – Rolls Royce’s famous Merlin engine (on this engine I shall post more later). There are two of them in Duxford ‘Etta Jeanne II’ and ‘Ferrocious Frankie’, both incredibly attractive. DSCN5130DSCN5131DSCN5132 DSCN5134DSCN5135  DSCN5248DSCN5250DSCN5251DSCN5253DSCN5254DSCN5255DSCN5256DSCN5249

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