Holding Wall – Kitchen

Some walls can be made into and others can be drawn onto – a speculation made on the assumption to how we wish to engage with them. I therefore developed ways of thinking  and drawing walls differently from each other as each of them suggests a possibility of working differently with bodily, material or environmental predictions. In order to extend spatial layering through unconscious time during conscious experience and in the case of Holding Wall – Kitchen discusses the multiplicity of engagement with the wall, so much that it spills out of the wall onto the table or any other horizontal surface.  Photographs by Frederik Petersen (and few by Ivana Wingham).                                                                  kitchen with table croppedKitchen elevation copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_DSC9471_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidence_DSC9478_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidence_DSC9557_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9541_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidenceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_DSC9548_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9519_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidence_DSC9517_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidence

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