Delayed In/Slip Out Time Door

Delayed In/Slip Out Time Door discusses two opposing temporal subjectivities through bespoke designed concave mirror handle in respect of folding of static interior of domestic setting and mobile exterior of the house through the body. Photographs by Frederik Petersen._DSC9374_Ivana's house_ivana wingham, wingham recidence_DSC9616_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9582_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9619_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9620_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9637_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9646_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9702_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9820_Ivana's house_wingham recidence_DSC9821_Ivana's house_wingham recidence

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