Drawings by John Andrews (1950-2019)

My friend and colleague whose drawings were exceptional and unique. Below is a small selection of John’s drawings from my Mobility of the Line book that John enjoyed being part of, and a tiny part of his vast drawing work.Fig 18.1 Stillness IMG_0510Fig 18.2 The interior IMG_0519Fig 18.3 Green moss IMG_0520Fig 18.4 Fragments of IMG_0515Fig 18.5 A pink_brown IMG_0517Fig 18.6 Air distilled IMG_0528Fig 18.7 Anti gravity IMG_0523Fig 18.8 Europe has roots IMG_0506Fig 18.9 Ghost gum IMG_0521Fig 18.10 High in a distant IMG_0514Fig 18.11 The population IMG_0513Fig 18.12 A grey sky IMG_0525

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