This is a lovely exhibition of Modigliani’s drawings of nudes, one of his preoccupations in drawing and painting throughout his life. These are some photos from the exhibition, apologies for some reflection.

This is an interesting double drawing of reclining nude in ink overlaid with the drawing of a face.

Mod 8

Reclining nude in ink.

Mod 5

Drawing of the Russian poet Anna Akhmetova.

Mod 4

Nude standing from the front taking a step forward.

Mod 7

Nude from the back, standing.

Mod 3

Nude holding a cup.

Mod 1

This is one of the Couple series that Louise Bourgeois did in the last year of her life in which the drawings are made separately but then joined together as one. See more variations of these drawings here: Tracey Emin did a very British variation on the theme of these drawings also worth a look here: While I appreciate both artists I much prefer the original joyful ambiguity and non narrative focus of Bourgeois drawings.DSCN3993

The sculpture that is in Tate Modern is is made from a child’s doll, cast in bronze in which the base on which it rests is the cone through which the bronze was poured, while the nails originally held the mould together. In the background Hans Bellmer’s doll photos previously posted. Miro keeps violence and humour somehow connected in this work.


Sylvia Lavin started her book Kissing Architecture with the words of Pipilotti Rist whose work in MoMA years ago she described as kissing architecture. It is probably the most exciting book I have read about architectural theory in last few years. I thought about Lavin’s words during Rist’s London exhibition: ‘A kiss puts form into slow and stretchy motion, loosening form’s fixity and relaxing its gestalt unities. Kissing performs topological inversions, renders geometry fluid, relies on the atectonic structural prowess of the tongue, and updates the metric of time.’

DSCN4127DSCN4128 DSCN4129DSCN4130 DSCN4131DSCN4132