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One version of this sculpture exists in Gallery Meštrović, Split that I posted last August ( Taken from the Gates of Hell, where she was a damned, the Meditation was taken to face one of the muses in the Monument Project was Victor Hugo. To insert it in the group, Rodin deprives her of arms. Insular, the work of the peaceful face and undulating body was misunderstood by the public due to its incompleteness. For Rodin, nothing essential was missing from the sculpture. IMG_1855IMG_1863IMG_1862IMG_1856IMG_1857IMG_1859


The street hides the housing complex designed in 1929 by Robert Mallet-Stevens composed of four housing blocks that create a private dead-end crossing including ateliers at the ground floor (one used to be Mallet-Stevens’ office and is now an art gallery open to the public). The replica of the red fountain that Robert Mallet-Stevens initially designed for the Saint Jean de Luz casino, is now installed in front of the workshop of the rue Mallet Stevens Martel brothers.