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This is a Belgian-designed two-seat open cockpit touring and sporting aircraft. It seems t be the most popular and successful aircraft in European aerobatic competitions during the 50s and 60s.Belgian Jean Stampe designed the aircraft and was himself a pilot who served on the Western front during the First World War.


Agnes Martin’s retrospective at the Tate shows a work of a lifetime that is extremely precise, controlled and for me represents separation from what is close. However on rare occasions amongst stripy drawings the separation weakens when the line is sufficiently thin or when colour is so different that creates a space or in the instances where the work appears as a field rather than grid or stripes. She claimed that her work is about light and lightness which inevitably is in the washes of paint, however, such lightness in the slim aluminium frames starts to be bounded by demarcation of such intention. The most interesting aspects of the work is where aberrations happen in the line. AM2 AM3 AM4AM5AAM6B AM5AM6A

This painting was made by sending digital file to the printer which printed on canvas and the file was black rectangle. However in the process of printing the unexpected happened as the canvas was folded in half in order to fit into the printer and then flipped and passed again. The process resulted in mis-registrations between two halves of the canvas (white line in the middle of the canvas) and further aberrations were created by the printer head clogging with ink and the canvas falling onto the studio floor. The beauty of this work is in its uncertainty and textured surface (from monochrome black rectangle) and delicacy that cannot be controlled or predicted from the original image created on a computer screen.Wade Guyton 2 Wage Guyton